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Do you write for mainly adults or children? I mainly write young adult books. I have thought about attempting to write a children’s book a few times, but thought it be better for me to establish myself as a writer in my preferred choice for now.

Is this your first attempt at writing a book and what made you want to write it? This is not my first attempt, I have written numerous books but none of them were worthy of publishing. I wrote Valley Of Glamorgan because the idea came to me as my husband and I were driving down a rainy road. I loved the idea so much that I rushed home to write it down, and just kept on writing it daily. I never thought that it would turn into a book I would actually publish, but I am so happy it did!

Is the book based on fact or fiction and where did you get the story idea from? It’s based on a little bit of both; I mixed existing places such as The Vale of Glamorgan in Wales and made it into my own. I wanted to have some actual places and facts in the book to keep it interesting and the ideal of the Pacu is actually an old fairy tale that comes from Ireland.

How long did it take you to write the book? It took me a little over two years to write and finish the book, there was a lot of editing and changing chapters around until I felt it was ready.

Do you have a writing routine or just write when you feel like it? At first I had a routine; I would write at least twenty pages a day, but it started to feel repressive and it was beginning to show in my writing so now write when I feel like it and my writing has improved immensely.

Rewriting/editing - do you love it or hate it? Hate it! I love to write and get all of my fun ideas on paper, but the moment it comes down to editing it I feel like running away from the whole book. It’s a necessary process but it is definitely my least favourite.

Which novelists do you admire and did they have any influence on your writing? I could list over a hundred, there have been so many people who inspired me along the way but someone who has really helped me would be Alison Noel, she answered all my emails during a busy schedule and always had the most helpful advice.

Has it been difficult to get your first book published and if so what advice would you give other writers? Yes! It is a lot harder than I would have ever guessed, especially if you are going down the Self-published route. I am still struggling with all the hard work and dedication it takes to be not only the author, publisher and accountant, but you have to be your own advertiser too. I would tell anyone interested in publishing to try your hand at traditional publishing and be patient! It is not going to happen overnight.

Do you think you will attempt to write another book and if so what would it be about? I am actually working on a crime novel right now! But the details are still a work in progress.

In what ways do you market your book? I post my site and book info on every forum I can find. I also post flyers and have had a lot of help from great friends and family.

What advice would you give to an aspiring novelist? Don’t give up! If this is your dream write…write…write. It seems at times it might not be worth it, but trust me if you stick to it, you can end up with a best seller.

Finally, please give a short summary of ‘you the person’ that would be of interest to our visitors: I started writing at the age of eleven, but my love of books reaches back much farther than that. The moment I could talk all I wanted was books. I loved to have them read to me and when I could read myself I would spend hours reading whilst other kids were playing with toys. I was always reading. I lived out in the country and the only other kids that were ever around where my cousins and they would only visit at the weekends, so books were like my friends, and every day I would wake up I would start a new adventure and a new book. I have known since the first time I wrote an actual story in third grade that writing was what I wanted to do for a career.