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Following her retirement from the fitness industry our principal changed her writing style from non-fiction to fiction.  And she came up against the same problem most new writers experience …. That of getting her written work published.

When we say we understand your frustration about receiving rejection upon rejection we truly do for we have suffered similar problems.  What made it more frustrating for our principal was that she was already an established writer in the non-fiction area of writing and had recently had some success with her fictional short stories being published, but not her novel. The novel was a labour of love that took over two years to write, be reviewed and then edited ready for publication.

It is for these reasons that she decided to set up this website, in order to assist all those writers who are getting frustrated from a lack of support elsewhere.  You may want to self-publish but it can be a mine-field doing this which is why we have tried to find an easier way of doing it.

We work alongside a number of people who are willing to review and critique your writing thus getting it ready for publication.  Our design department can help you create the right cover for your book and our advice centre can point you in the right direction for those other things like getting an ISBN number, Copyright, Publishing and your website.

Plus, we are also willing to act as your agent and assist you in marketing your book.