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I'm an Ethical Author

Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad - I just finished your book and found the story line very interesting.  Are you planning a sequel  about Mary and Lizzie's lives after they are reunited in London?  Betty B (Florida USA)

The Same As You: A Teenage Diary Unlocked - My young daughter read this small book and found it helped her to know that there are other people of her age who have suffered from depression and panic attacks. Thank you for sharing part of your life with us. Margaret G. (Llandudno, North Wales)

Dear Friends: Letters from Abroad - Started reading the book this evening and can't put it down - I am over half way through already.  It flows so beautifully. Going to try  to go to bed now, but really want to carry on reading. Lindylou (Yorkshire, UK)


Little Friends Adventures - Bought a set of 3 books for some local children and they have gone down a treat. They really enjoyed reading them and doing the quizzes and colouring in. Jan N. (St Gers, France)

Little Friends Adventures - The new version of the books launched in November are fabulous. My daughter loves them so much she has decided to write her own story book and Pen & Ink are helping her. I am so delighted for her. Fadia (Cardiff UK)