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It is said that we all have at least one good book hidden inside us.

So knowing this you sit down and decide to write your story; which is your labour of love. But what happens after that?

The first thing you try and do is find a publisher. It should be easy but it isn’t. You spend your time submitting your work to all the top people in the publishing industry only to receive rejection upon rejection leaving you disheartened and wondering what to do next.

Or you might look for an agent whom you hope will take you on as a client. But again you get the polite refusal and in some cases no response at all.

It’s very disheartening.

Finally, you look at self-publishing but the costs can be astronomical which means you probably give up. And that’s a shame because your story could be quite a good one.

But believe it or not we do understand exactly what you are going through.

We work with a number of people who have the experience to help you through the process of getting your book into the market. We can proof read your work, show you how to copyright it, how to get ISBN numbers and how to put it on the market for sale. We can give you tips to make your craft a success.

And if you would like we can represent you and maybe become your agent.

So when all else fails try Pen & Ink Designs.

Contact us today for some no obligation advice.

Help fight copyright piracy. Copyright piracy is a crime. Make sure you are doing your bit to fight copyright pirates by registering your work for copyright protection as soon as it’s finished. For more information click here.